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Let‘s start branding early.

Startups need branding for them to grow successfully in the long run. The reality is, only a few give branding the focus needed, meaning many startups do not reach their full business potential. Until now. START is Jung von Matt's answer to the needs of early stage startups.

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let's focus
on the essentials.

Young brands should stick to the essentials at the beginning - so, so do we. We have thrown out everything unnecessary to help startups get ahead. By focusing on the core competencies, a simple modular system has been created. One from which startups can assemble exactly the building blocks they need (and that fit their budget).

What we do


The right branding is the literal basis for a successful brand. Within our building blocks, strategy is the core that makes the long term difference.


Rooted in JvM heritage, we nurture distinct communication. With creative platforms and unusual ideas, we move communication and startups forward.


We have years of experience in marketing with brands and brand building. Together we use this know-how and develop creative solutions.
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German Startup

Brand Ranking.

Since 2021 Jung von Matt START and Appinio conduct annual research on the power of startup brands in Germany. The result is a ranking of the strongest young brands in the country combined with further category insights.

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In 2022 the Startup Brand Ranking was released for the second time and was well received by media from both marketing and startup eco system.
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The winner of last years ranking was SHARE, who make social donations for each product they sell. Less then one point behind was MAYD, who deliver medicine within less then an hour.
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Within the space of just a few years, share has been able to build up a solid level of awareness among consumers and it surpasses the benchmark figure in every category.
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Jung von matt

Startup brand Camp

Young Startups often underestimate the potential of branding or can only allocate minimal resources to the topic. With the Startup Brand Camp, we inaugurate a platform that helps early-stage startups to build a foundation for their brand quickly and early on.

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